Locational Clearance

San Manuel Tarlac

  1. Application Form
  2. Vicinity Map, drawn to any scale showing:
    1. Exact location of proposed site;
    2. Contiguous firm and/or institutions and their product and major activities;
    3. Approximate distance of contiguous firms and/or institutions with a 1,000 meter radius from the proposed site and from the main service road leading to it.
  3. Site Development plan, drawn to any scale showing:
    1. Plan layout;
    2. Site areas and boundaries;
    3. Number of stories of plan building and size of the area occupied;
    4. Road system within the site premises;
    5. Topographic plan (for mining/quarrying only)
  4. Certificate of ownership of the land, any of the following:
    1. Transfer of Certificate of Title registered in the name of the applicant.
    2. Tax Declaration declared in the name of the applicant plus certification from the Register of Deeds/Bureau of Lands the subject parcel is not yet registered in the name of any other person;
    3. Deed of Sale/Contract of Lease plus the TCT of the registered owner;
    4. Authorization from the registered owner allowing applicant to use subject parcel of land plus TCT of registered owner;
    5. If public land, authorization from appropriate government agency allowing applicant to use subject public land.
  5. Certificate from the Deputized Zoning Administrator (DZA)/ Mayor that the Propose Land use is in accordance with the development zoning plan of the locality.
  6. Authorization of persons allowed following up/claim clearance.
  7. Bill of Materials/Estimated Cost.
  8. Locational Clearance Fee.
  9. If the land is agricultural, secure conversion clearance from the Secretary of Department of Agrarian Reform.
  10. Secure Environmental Compliance Certificate from the EMB, DENR prior to actual operation.